• RUN-DCHT60/5 60kv 5ma

    dc hipot tester

    Applicable for DC hipot test

    Adopts high frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) technology to make closed adjustment with high voltage stability, small ripple factor and fast reliable protection circuit.

    dc hipot tester

    relay protection test

    Multi-functional and CE Certified

    Ce Certificate 6 Phase Relay Protection Testing Instrument; LIGHT WEIGHT AND CONVENIENT; has the function of software self-calibration;can be connected to laptop (optional) to run

    relay protection test

Electric Test Equipment

Make Your Test Easier

Selecting and configuring the right test instrument,
ensure the safe and stable operation of power system.



RUN-TEST electric company has the most professional technicians to answer your questions about the test equipment. Certified certificate to give you trust. 24-hour online service to meet your needs. Our goal is to use our electric testing equipment to make your work more effective and safer.

  • ttr meter
  • dc hipot tester
  • VLF tester



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  • What is DC hipot tester?

    WHAT IS DC HIPOT TESTER ? For medium to high voltage rotating equipment, DC Hipot tests called Step Voltage or Ramp tests are used to see if the start of an insulation breakdown can be detected as the voltage is raised. If a breakdown is starti...

  • What is a VLF electrical test?

    What is a VLF electrical test? Very low frequency (VLF) diagnostic testing is the application of an AC sinusoidal waveform, generally applied at 0.1 Hz or lower, to assess the quality of electrical insulation in high capacitive loads, such as cables. Very Low Frequency t...

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