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  • Show you how to use our transformer turn ratio tester

    Show you how to use our transformer turn ratio tester

    In order to show you our ttr tester , introduce its advantage and hoow to ues it, Please watch this video carefully, I hope it helps you.  
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  • Packing for 100A contact resistance tester

    Packing for 100A contact resistance tester

    Packing for 100A contact resistance tester This 100A loop resistance tester is widely used in the measurement of contact resistance, loop resistance of various switches and electrical appliances, as well as the contact resistance of ...
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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    On the occasion of the coming of the new year, on behalf of RUN TEST Company, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and best wishes to the new and old users who have always trusted, supported and helped our company’s development! Our company also developed and expanded many new produ...
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  • Sturdy packaging

    Sturdy packaging

    In November, Run-Test company carried out a comprehensive upgrade of wooden boxes with foam inside, making the upgraded wooden boxes more environmentally friendly, beautiful, safe and practical. We re-assemble the electrical test equipment according to the different meas...
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  • Big sale for Hot testing instruments

    Big sale for Hot testing instruments

    Do you still find reliable electric test equipment to do your testing? we are doing promotional activities for test equipments, including transformer testers, contact resistance tester, relay test kit, circuit breaker analyzer and transformer oil tester. To promote the s...
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  • Feedback-TTR Tester

    Feedback-TTR Tester

    Run-TT10A transformer turns ratio tester is the most popular testing equipment currently. Its hot selling is not only the function of the product, but more importantly, it can really help customers solve problems after using this TTR tester for the testing. This instrume...
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  • Preventive experiment project-China(Caofeidian)

    Preventive experiment project-China(Caofeidian)

    The “Caofeidian project” was the last project in September this year. Invited by “Caofeidian Electricity Board”,Run Test Electric company conducted the preventive experiment projects on main transformers. Also we supply transformer testers, like turns ratio and DC resis...
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  • Feedback-relay Test Kit

    Feedback-relay Test Kit

    The relay protection tester is our main product. Its advantage is light-weight and multiple functions. Of course, the relay tester has received customers' favor, not only because that, it also has CE certificate, a one-year warranty and excellent customer service. Custom...
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  • Testing Project in Xinjiang, China

    Testing Project in Xinjiang, China

    The large-scale project of Run-Test company: instrument testing in Xinjiang, China. The detection of objects is about installation of transformer oil conservator, grounding testing of core installation, and testing of bushing tap grounding wire. The project involves a wi...
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