0-80kv Bdv Oil Tester for Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Testing

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The latest upgrade instrument for the oil BDV tester

The measurement accuracy is high, anti-interference ability is strong, safe and reliable.

Full automation with high accuracy, greatly improving work efficiency.

80KV/100KV available, reliable quality at economical price, suitable for laboratory oil analysis

Small in size and convenient to carry.

Ship within 10 days

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Manufacturer Portable Transformer Oil Dielectric Strength Test Equipment 

This transformer oil bdv tester, 80KV/100KV available, reliable quality at economical price, suitable for laboratory oil analysis
If your job need to carry it all around to do the test, please contact us for more information.

Let us see how the oil bdv tester works:

oil dielectric strength tester

ⅠSpecification of this Breakdown Voltage Bdv Tester

1. Output voltage: 0~80KV (100KV optional)

2. Voltage distortion rate: <3%

3. Booster capacity: 1.5KVA

4. Measuring accuracy: ±3%

5. Supply voltage: AC220V±10% 50Hz±1 Hz

6. Power: 200W

7. Applicable temperature: 0℃~45℃

8. Applicable humidity: <75%RH

Ⅱ Features about the Transformer Oil Testing BDV tester

1. This instrument uses a microprocessor to complete operations such as boosting, holding, stirring, static release, calculation, printing automatically., and can perform oil circulation pressure test within the range of 0-100KV.

2. Large-screen LCD display

3. Simple operation, the operator only needs to make simple settings, and the instrument will automatically complete the pressure test of 1 cup of oil sample according to the settings. The breakdown voltage value and cycle times of 1 to 6 times are automatically stored. After the test is completed, the printer can print out the breakdown voltage value and average value of each time.

4. Power-off retention, test results storage up to 100 sets, and can display the current ambient temperature and humidity.

5. The single-chip microcomputer is used to boost the voltage at a constant speed, and the voltage frequency is accurate to 50HZ, which makes the whole process easy to control.

6. With over-voltage, over-current, limit protection, etc., to ensure the safety of operators.

7. With temperature measurement display function and system clock display.

8. Standard RS232 interface, which can communicate with computer.

Ⅲ Maintenance for the Oil breakdown voltage tester

1.This Transformer Oil Dielectric Strength Test Equipment shall not be exposed in moist environment.

2. Keep the oil cup and the electrodes clean. Fill the cup with fresh transformer oil for protection during its idle. Check the electrode distance and check the tightness between the electrode tip and electrode bar screw thread before the cup is used again.

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