• RUN-ZC8820S Transformer

    Tan Delta Tester

    Capacitance & Tangent Delta Tester

    The Tan Delta is a measure of the dielectric loss when the dielectric is subjected to an AC electric field.

    Tan Delta Tester
  • RUN-IR1026 10kv insulation

    resistance tester

    Safety Standard: IEC

    10kV Insulation Resistance Meter Test Instrument with CE Certificate 5 ranges: 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V, 10000V,the maximum test can reach 10TΩ, and the manual boost function.

    resistance tester

    relay protection test

    Multi-functional and CE Certified

    Ce Certificate 6 Phase Relay Protection Testing Instrument; LIGHT WEIGHT AND CONVENIENT; has the function of software self-calibration;can be connected to laptop (optional) to run

    relay protection test

Electric Test Equipment

Make Your Test Easier

Selecting and configuring the right test instrument,
ensure the safe and stable operation of power system.



RUN-TEST electric company has the most professional technicians to answer your questions about the test equipment. Certified certificate to give you trust. 24-hour online service to meet your needs. Our goal is to use our electric testing equipment to make your work more effective and safer.

  • Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator
  • transformer turns ratio test
  • ttr test



  • Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator

    What is Karl Fischer titrator? Karl Fischer titration is a titration method that uses volumetric or coulometric titration to determine the quantity of water present in a given analyte. Why Karl Fischer is used? Karl Fischer (KF) titration is a redox reaction which uses t...

  • Show you how to use our transformer turn ratio tester

    In order to show you our ttr tester , introduce its advantage and hoow to ues it, Please watch this video carefully, I hope it helps you.  

  • More information about the TTR tester

     Current Ratio Tester Three Phase Transformer Turns Ratio TTR Tester The ratio test ensures that the transformer windings have the proper turns to produce the voltages required. The ratio is a measure of the voltage applied to the primary terminals to the voltage measure...

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