Large Primary Current Injector/Primary Integrated High Current Generator

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It is widely used in power plants, distribution substations, electrical appliances manufacturing, scientific research, laboratories and other units.

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1000A Primary Current Injection Tester Primary Current Injection Test Set


Applications of this Primary Injection Tester

1. Testing for Various switches, circuit breakers, current relays.

2. Calibration of plate-type ammeters, clamp-type ammeters, and current transformers.

The tester is designed for testing the current transformer's ratio and polarity. Built-in large current generator, primary and secondary digital current meter and polarity discriminating circuit, which is reasonable and easy to operate.

Specifications of the Large Current Generator

Input voltage single-phase 220V±10%/ 50Hz±1%
Input current single phase 22.7A
Output voltage single-phase 0~5V (arbitrarily adjustable) / 50Hz±1%
Output current single phase 0~1000A
Voltmeter head inaccuracy 1.5%
Ammeter head inaccuracy 1.5%
Rated Capacity 5 KVA
Impedance Voltage <8 %
No-Load Current <6 %
Power-on Time < 2.5 minutes
Working Period >10 minutes
Remarks The capacity is designed according to the 5 minutes short-time work system

Features about AC DC Large Current Generator

1.Small size, light weight, convenient use and maintenance, etc.

2.Accurate measurement and stable performance

3.Wide application range.

Advantage of High Current Generator Instrument

1.After-sale Service: 100% quality guaranteed.

2.One year warranty from the date of purchase, customers enjoy a free repair or replacement service.

3.Lifetime maintenance and free remotely technical support.

4.Payments: all kinds of payment to meet your requirement.

Delivery: Ocean, Railway, Air or Express

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