Large Current Generator 1000A Primary Current Injection Test Instrument

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The Primary Current Injection Tester is widely used in power plants, distribution substations, electrical appliances manufacturing, scientific research,
laboratories and other units.

1. Testing for Various switches, circuit breakers, current relays
2. Calibration of plate-type ammeters, clamp-type ammeters, and current transformers

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Specification of Primary Current Injection Kit

Large current generator
output current
0 ~ 1000A
primary ammeter measurement
0 ~ 1000A
secondary ammeter measurement
< 5A
power supply voltage
working temperature
-10 ~ 40℃
working humidity
<80%RH, no condensation
Test Thermal relay, switch, transformer
Wide range of output current

Features of the Primary Current Injection Test Equipment

1. Wide output current range, strong load capacity

2. Solid structure, good seismic performance.

3. timing function, automatic stop current output.

4. polarity judgment indicator light and buzzer, clear indication.

5. Variable ratio function: by reading one or two side current values, the variable ratio can be calculated

Introduction about Run Test electric test equipment company

 We are a high-tech company which integrates R&D, production, sales and service of power equipments. We have been in electrical testing industry for many years, specializing in design, manufacture, and test service. We are a qualified supplier and service provider of State Grid in China.

Our products include partial discharge tester, transformer test series, insulation oil test series, hipot test series, Relay and Insulation test Series, Cable fault test series, and SF6 gas analyzer, etc.

Our company's products are widely used in many fields such as electric power, railways, machinery, petrochemicals, and are selected by many large transformer factories and petrochemical plants. The products have been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, Latin America, Europe and other regions. With the good quality products, competitive prices and excellent services, we have won a good reputation among customers abroad.


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