Transformer Tan Delta and Capacitance Measuring & Dissipation Factor Tester

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Transformer capacitance and tan delta is used for on-site anti-interference dielectric loss measurement, or precision dielectric loss measurement in the laboratory. The instrument is an integrated structure with built-in dielectric loss bridge, variable frequency power supply, test transformer and standard capacitors.

Using frequency conversion anti-interference and Fourier transform digital filtering technology, automatic and intelligent measurement, the measurement data is very stable under strong interference.

Diagnostic testing for grounding systems, 0-800V, 0-50A can be customized

Test items:
Ground Resistance, Ground Impedance, Ground Continuity, Soil Resistivity, Step Voltage, Touch Voltage

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Automatic Transformer Power Factor Tester

Run-ZC8820 transformer tan delta tester has the function of insulation resistance measurement. The wiring method for measuring the insulation resistance is exactly the same as that of the dielectric loss measurement. The dielectric loss and the insulation resistance can be measured in one connection which significant improve test speed and reduce burden of test.


Let' see the Diagnostic testing for grounding systems video:

Technical parameters of Capacitance and Tan Delta Tester

Accuracy Cx: ±(reading×1%+1pF)Tgδ: ±(reading×1%+0.00040)
Anti-interference Variable frequency anti-interference, the above accuracy can be reached even under 200% interference.
Capacitance range Internal HV: 3pF~60000pF/12kV    60pF~1.2μF/0.5kVExternal HV: 3pF~1.5μF/12kV 60pF~30μF/0.5kVBest Resolution: 0.001pF, 4 valid digits.
tgδ range Unlimited, 0.001% resolution, automatic identification for capacitance, inductance and resistance of three tested articles.
Test current range 10μA~5A
Internal HV Set voltage range: 0.5~10kVMaximum output current: 200mABuck-boost method: continuous smooth regulationAccuracy: ±(1.5%x reading+10V)Voltage Resolution: 1V
Test frequency 45~65Hz  integer frequency49/51 Hz, 45/55Hz automatic dual variable frequencyFrequency accuracy: ±0.01Hz
External HV UST, maximum test current is 5A/ 40~70HzGST, maximum test current is 10kV/5A/40-70Hz


CVT self-excitation low voltage output Output voltage 3~50V, output current 3~30A
Measuring duration About 30s, varies on measuring method
Input power supply 180V~270VAC, 50Hz/60Hz±1%, supplied by alternating current or generator
Computer interface Standard RS232 interface
Printer Built-in Micro-printer
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
Relative humidity <90%, Non-condensing
Overall dimension 470×340×35mm
Weight 27.5kg for instrument, 5 kg for accessories

Features of this transformer Capacitance and Loss Factor Tester

1. Using frequency conversion anti-interference technology, accurate measurement  even under 200% interference, and the test data is stable, suitable for on-site anti-interference dielectric loss test.
2. Adopting frequency floating, digital waveform analysis, and bridge self-calibration technologies, combined with high-precision three-terminal standard capacitors, ensure a high-precision dielectric loss measurement, and the accuracy and stability of the positive and negative wiring measurements are consistent.
3. The input resistance of all ranges of the instrument is lower than 2Ω, which eliminates the influence of the additional capacitance of the test line. It can be connected to an oil cup for precision dielectric loss test of insulating oil, and can be connected to a solid material measuring electrode for precision dielectric loss test of insulating material.
4. Automatically identify 50Hz/60Hz system power supply, support generator power supply, even if the frequency fluctuates greatly, it can be measured normally. The built-in series and parallel dielectric loss measurement models are fully compatible with the calibration table and dielectric loss standard, which is convenient for instrument verification.
5. The instrument is equipped with CVT testing function, which can achieve CVT self-exciting testing without external accessories and measure the capacitance and dielectric loss of C1 and C2 by at a time.
6. With an external standard capacitor interface, it can automatically track the frequency of the external test power supply from 40Hz to 70Hz, and support industrial frequency power supply and series resonance power supply for large-capacity high-voltage dielectric loss test.
7. Multiple safety protections to ensure the safety of human and equipment.
8. Built-in Micro-printer
9. Internal storage up to 100 sets.
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