Portable Switchgear Contact Loop Resistance Tester 100A

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The hand-held Circuit resistance tester is an innovative product. The product is compact, hand-held operation, battery power supply, easy to carry.

The product is mainly used in the measurement of contact resistance and other micro-Euclidean resistance of switch contacts.

The test speed is fast and the accuracy is high.

Advantage:  1. simple operation and portable

2. 100A/200A are available

3. Technical support and after-sales service

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High Precision Portable 100A Contact Resistance Tester for Circuit Breaker and Switch


Introduction for this Contact Resistance Tester Circuit Breaker Analyzer

Standard accessories of this Circuit Breaker Loop Contact Tester

√1 Hand-held Circuit resistance tester

√1 sets of test lines (red and black each)

√1 charger

√1 user manual

√1 copy of certificate and factory test report

√1 standard resistor

√1 external printer(optional)

Technical Parameter of the Portable Contact Resistance Tester

Measuring Range
Output Current
Measuring Range
100A 0~2000µΩ
80A 0~5mΩ
50A 0~10mΩ
30A 0~20mΩ
Technical Index
Resolution Ratio
Display Digit
Four and a half
Test Power Supply
Constant current limit voltage,about 2V
Input Voltage
Maximum 5V
Measuring Time
Quick、10~60 seconds optional
Testing Times
More than 600 times(full charge, fast measurement mode)
Test Line
Resistance less than 10mΩ
Conditions Of Use and Shape
working Power Supply
Built-in lithium battery or external charger,Charger input 100~240VAC,50HZ/60HZ
Charging Voltage
Charging Current
Charging Time
Abour 3 hrs
Auto Shut Off
5 minutes automatic shutdown without operation
Instrument Weight
1.7kg(exclude test lines)
Instrument Dimension
Environment Temperature
Relative Humidity
≤90%,no dew

Features of Digital 100A Winding Resistance Tester

1.  Lithium battery power supply, a charge can be continuously tested more than 600 times, the test process is simple and
2.  The maximum output current is 100 A, multi-stage current is optional, and the test range is wide.
3.  When doing 100A test, the longest test time can be up to 60 seconds, which can satisfy various field applications.
4.  The measuring range is wide and the precision is high. At 100A, it can reach 2000μΩ.
5.  Has the open circuit protection, overheating protection and so on perfect protection function.
6.  6 inch super-industrial-grade high-brightness color LCD screen, in strong sunlight display is still clearly visible.
7.  Equipped with external printer, easy to print data.
8.  With native storage and USB disk storage, easy to save data.


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