Transformer Turns Ratio Tester TTR meter

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Three phase transformer turn ratio tester is used to conduct turns ratio or voltage ratio test in Current or Voltage transformer.

It finishes test of three-phase voltage ratio or turns ratio once, fast testing and high precise.

Advantage: Fast test speed, 10 seconds to complete the three-phase testing

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Specifications of Transformer turns ratio tester

1 Test Range ratio 0.9~10000
angle 0-360°
2 Accuracy ±0.1%+2 digit 0.9-500
±0.2%+2 digit 501-2000
±0.5%+2 digit 2001-10000
3 Angle Accuracy   ±0.2°
4 Output Voltage Automatically adjust according to load
5 Best Resolution ratio 0.0001
angle 0.01°
6 Input Power AC220V±10% 50±1Hz
7 Temperature Range -10℃~40℃
8 Relative Humidity 0 to 90% noncondensing
9 Dimension Instrument Case 360*290*170(mm) Accessories Case 360*290*170(mm)
10 Weight Instrument 5 KG Accessories case 5.5 KG
transformer turns ratio tester
transformer turns ratio tester

Main features for TTR Tester

1. The coaxial precision inverter power supply is used inside the instrument, which eliminates the influence of harmonics of the mains voltage during the measurement, and the measurement is more accurate. When the working power source is a generator, there is no influence.

2. The three-phase output voltage is adopted to improve the test speed. The angle between phases can be measured, and the wiring group 0-11 can be automatically identified. For low-voltage rectifier transformers with multiple windings, the low-voltage side does not need to be disconnected to measure the transformation ratio and 7.5 ° Angle deviation.

3. It is suitable for a wide variety of transformers, especially suitable for the measurement of Z-type transformers, rectifier transformers, grounding transformers, electric furnace transformers, phase-shifting transformers, balance transformers, etc.

4. With high and low voltage reverse connection protection, transformer turn-to-turn short-circuit protection, tap switch failure protection, output full short-circuit protection, and increase the stability of the instrument.

5. After inputting the rated parameters, it can automatically measure the transformer ratio, error value and tap position of the tap changer. Especially for tap changers with asymmetric tapping, the accurate position of the tap changer of the transformer can also be accurately measured. A tap switches capable of measuring 99 tap positions.

6. Adopt 7-inch high-definition color touch screen LCD, modular display, clear display even under strong light.

7. The instrument not only has print output, U disk interface, but also RS232 interface, which is convenient for paperless office.

8. High quality multifunctional engineering plastic box is cold-resistance, high temperature resistance, water proof, shake proof, which is suitable for field test.

9. By downloading APP(Android), users can control instruments, store and upload test data for easy reference.

Feedback from customers: Customers say TTR tester is very easy to use and has good quality. Here are some praised from customer.

TTR tester

Packing for turn ratio tester

wooden box

CE certificate of this transformer turn ratio meter

40385 EMC Certificate  TTR
40386 LVD Certificate  TTR

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