LCD Touch Screen Automatic Closed Cup Transformer Oil Flash Point Tester

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Item: RUN-TP611D

The instrument is designed and manufactured according to the requirements in the national standard GB/T 261 “Determination of Flash Point – Pensky – Martens Closed Cup Method”, and applies to the measurement of the petroleum products with the flash point range of 25℃~370℃ according to the methods stipulated in the standard.

widely used in railway, aviation, electric power, petroleum industry and scientific research departments, etc.

Reliable and high precision

full touch screen, convenient operation

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Automatic Closed Cup Flash Point Tester Transformer Oil Flash Point Testing Instrument

The closed cup flash point tester Used for testing closed flash point value of petroleum products. Adopting foreign advanced technology, the liquid crystal TET pure color touch screen, all-Chinese display man-machine dialogue interface, with prompt menu prompt input for parameters such as prevalue temperature, oil test mark, atmospheric pressure, test date, etc

Specification of the Insulation Resistance Test Instrument

1.Temperature measurement:50~200℃

2.The environment temperature:10-40℃
Relative humidity:≤85%
The power supply voltage:AC220V 50Hz±5%

3.The basic parameters

rate of temperature increase :
It conforms to GB/ t261-83 standard and GB/ t261-2008 standard
Ignition way:Electronic ignition。

Features about the Transformer Oil Flash Point Tester

1.480×272 large-screen color LCD display, full Chinese man-machine interaction interface and prompt menu oriented input for pre-settable temperature, atmospheric pressure, test date and other parameters.

2.Automatic correction of the impact of the atmospheric pressure on the test and calculation of the corrected values.

3.Differential detection and automatic correction of system deviation.

4.Automatic completion of scanning, ignition, detection and data printing and automatic rise and fall of test arm.

5.Automatic heating stop and forced cooling in case of excessive temperature.

The working principle of Flash Point Auto Tester

Under the condition stipulated by the national standard, the test sample is loaded into the test cup, and the test cup containing test oil is heated. The flash point is the lowest temperature at which the generated oil vapor and the mixed gas formed by the surrounding air contact with the flame.

Computer according to the collected by the temperature change instructions issued by the I/O port to control the heater, make the oil test temperature at a rate rise, scan cycle, ignition timing, differential detection, automatic control, when the flash is measured, a computer system stop data collection, flash fire temperature display and print the record as a result, stop heating, close the flame.


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