20A High Voltage Switch Dynamic Characteristics Circuit Breaker Analyser

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High Voltage Circuit Breaker Dynamic Characteristic Tester be used for measure the mechanical dynamic characteristic parameters of low oil, vacuum, SF6 and other high-voltage circuit breakers.

Current: Range: 20A, Resolution: 0.01A

Power Supply: 110V/60Hz

Delivery time: within 10 working days

Package: wooden case with foam inside

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Brief Introduction of the Circuit Breaker Tester

This tester can record and measure the closing bounce time, the number of bounces, the bounce process, and the bounce waveform of each fracture.

This tester can record and calculate the rigid points, rigidity, maximum speed, average speed, total travel, opening distance, over travel, rebound amplitude, time-travel characteristic curve.

This tester can record the opening / closing current value and current waveform of the opening / closing coil, and provides DC5 ~ 270V / 10A (20A) digital adjustable circuit breaker operation power supply, automatically completes the low voltage operation test of the circuit breaker, and measures the open circuit. 


Dynamic Characteristic Circuit Breaker Tester Main technical data

Vacuum circuit breaker



SF6 Circuit breaker
Minimum circuit breaker
Item Parameters Accuracy

Power Supply


Air pressure 86 ~ 106 KPA  
Temperature -10~40℃  
Relative Humidity ≦80%RH, non-condensing  
Insulation Resistance >2MΩ  
Dielectric strength 1.5KV withstand voltage to chassis for 1 minute,
no flashover and arcing
Timing Range:250-4000ms, resolution: 0.1ms
Range:10000-20000ms, resolution: 1ms
0.1ms±1 digit
1m± 1 digit
Speed Range: 20.00m/s, resolution: 0.001m/s ±0.01m/s±1 digit


Range: 20A, Resolution: 0.01A

1% ±0.1A
Output Power DC5 – 270V digital adjustable 20A(instant)  

Switching Characteristic Analyzer Main features

1. Measure the inherent opening and closing time of 12-way metal fracture, time tolerance in same phase, time tolerance in different phase,close-open time and no flow time in process of close-open, open-close, open-close-open, closing bounce time,Some models can measure the pre-cast time of the closing resistance.
2. Record and measure the closing bounce time, bounce times, bounce process, and bounce waveform of each fracture.
3. Record and measure opening/closing speed, maximum speed, average speed, overall limit, clearance, overtravel limit switch,rebound amplitude, time-travel characteristic curve.
4. Record the opening/closing current value and current waveform of the opening/closing coil, and provides DC5-270V/10A (20A) digital adjustable circuit breaker operation power supply, automatically completes the low voltage test of the circuit breaker, and measures the operating voltage value of the device.
5. Simultaneously measure 6-way closing resistance value and its pre-casting time in some models.

Company Profile

  We are a high-tech company which integrates R&D, production, sales and service of power equipments. We have been in electrical testing industry for many years, specializing in design, manufacture, and test service. We are a qualified supplier and service provider of State Grid in China.

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