Transformer Oil Water Soluble Acid Value Analysis Instrument

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Item: RUN-WSA01

The water soluble acid (PH) automatic tester with large screen LCD and microprocessor control, the functions of heating, constant temperature, oscillation, sampling, testing, cleaning and printing can be completed automatically according to the user’s setting conditions. 1-3 samples can be measured at one time, which greatly shortens the user’s testing time.

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Water Soluble Acid Value Automatic Analyzer for Transformer Insulating Oil


Specification of this Water-Soluble Acid Value Meter

Measurement Range 3.6-7.0PH
Inaccuracy ≤± 0.1PH
Constant Temperature Accuracy ±2℃
Resolution 0.1PH
Supply Voltage AC 220 V ±10%
Power Frequency 50 Hz ±2%
Power Consumption ≤200w
Working Temperature 10~40℃
Working Humidity ≤85 % RH
Dimension 590×350×390 (mm)
Net Weight 23kg

Features about the Water Soluble Acid Analyzer

1.Three cup integrated design, fast measuring.

2.Isolated test pipelines, avoid cross-contamination and improve measuring accuracy.

3.The temperature sensor takes the real temperature of the oil sample, makes the test value accurate.

4.Automatic heating, shaking, sampling, testing, cleaning, printing, easy operation.

5.Power-off storage function, data storage up to 100 sets.

6.Direct test and standard test mode available.

7.Self-cleaning function

8.Wireless transmission function.

9.Built-in micro printer.

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