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The product has many features, such as compact structure, portable model, short testing time, high reliability and stability and accuracy, perfect function and so on.

Vacuum degree analyzer has some features-  higher measurement accuracy, better stability, more capacity.

The instrument is practical, easy to use, easy to operate, high precision measurement without disassembly, widely used in electric power, steel, petrochemical, textile, coal, railways, and other trades using the vacuum switch.

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Vacuum Switch Interrupter Vacuity Tester for Breaker Vacuum Degree Test

The most prominent feature of this instrument ( vacuum tester) is to use the new excitation coils and data processing methods to achieve the non-demolition measurement of vacuum. 

The product has many features, such as compact structure, portable model, short testing time, high reliability and stability and accuracy, perfect function and so on.
With the development of the middle voltage switch without oil, the vacuum switch got the extensive expansion and applications with its special advantage. In these years, because of producing technics and using environment on the scene, some vacuum switches, within the scope of the permission process, the vacuum interrupter will leak in different degree ,some maybe leak and can't open or break normally within the life-span. In this case, vacuum switch will result in serious results. The most accident vacuum switch happened by this reason. Thus, it is essential for the vacuum switch to strengthen the test of vacuum degree periodically or randomly.

Vacuum Interrupter Vacuity Tester

Here is the technical parameters of the Vacuum Circuit Breaker Tester

The traditional testing method is the withstand voltage method, namely ,let the vacuum switch to be open status and add the certain voltage on the moving contact, then test the leakage current and predict the quality of vacuum tube. This kind of method has the advantage of simple operation, but it can only judge the quality of vacuum tube, if the vacuum degree at 10  O Pa, it can't be distinguished accurately, so it can't judge the development trend of the leakiness.( namely the same vacuum switch compare to know how many leakiness of degree ).

Power supply AC220V±15%,50Hz
Testing range 10-4~10-1Pa
Electric field voltage 20kV
Magnetic field voltage 1600V
Accuracy 5%
Operating condition -10°C~40°C
Size 460mm×335mm×330mm
Weight 12kg
Application range
This instrument is a multi-purpose machine, which can measure many kinds of vacuum switches
Measurement range
10-5~10-1 Pa
Accuracy of measurement
10-5~10-4 Pa,10%
10-4~10-3 Pa,10%
10-3~10-2 Pa,10%
10-2~10-1 Pa,10%

Features for this Vacuum Switch Vacuity Tester

1. Test quantificational vacuum degree of interrupter for many types of vacuum switch.

2. No need to disassemble the vacuum switch while testing

3. Accurate and reliable testing results;

4. English characters displayed by the LCD, simple operation

5. Testing data Can be saved and printed and viewed

6. The instrument can connect to the PC with the RS232 port in order to download the curve of vacuum degree-ion current and estimate the life-span etc.

7. Light weight and portable

Vacuum circuit breaker tester
Vacuum degree tester

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