Portable Transformer Impedance Test Set Short Circuit Impedance Tester

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It tests the short-circuit impedance (%) of power voltage on site and compares it with the value indicated on the nameplate or the factory default to find out any defects including but not limited to winding displacement or deformation due to currents from major failure during transformation, installation or operation following the delivery test.

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China Supplier Transformer Short-Circuit Impedance Tester with Good After Service

Transformer LV Short-circuit Impedance Tester applies to LV load impedance test during delivery, overhaul, trial test and handover test of power transformers (single phase or three-phase).


Technical parameters about the Low Voltage Short Circuit Impedance Test

Product name Transformer short circuit impedance tester
Scope of voltage measurement 5~400V
Scope of current measurement 0.1~20A
Power frequency 50Hz
Accuracy of measurement 0.2d
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
Relative Humidity ≤85%RH, NON-CONDENSING
Power Supply AC220V±10%
Scope of voltage measurement 5~400V
Scope of current measurement 0.1~20A
Power frequency 50Hz
Accuracy of measurement 0.2d
Power Supply AC220V±10%
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
Relative Humidity ≤85%RH
Net Weight 6kg

LV Short circuit Impedance Tester features

1.The tester is supplied with AC220V low voltage power to provide current for AB, BC and CA high voltage windings of the transformer automatically; collects data simultaneously and; calculates impedance error percentage automatically with intuitive testing results;

2.The tester completes the three-phase testing automatically in the primary connection mode other then inversed connection with the testing wire;

3.The tester allows either single phase testing or three-phase testing both manually and automatically;

4.The tester achieves output current limit applicable to test item with any impedance;

5.The test item can be measured without an external voltage regulator;

6.The tester functions in measuring zero sequence impedance;

7.The tester functions in measuring inductance;

8.The tester has a large LCD display with a menu in Chinese. Operation are facilitated based on the notes on the display;

9.The tester enables printing and storage and is featured with high testing accuracy, high automation, small in size and light weight.

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