Lab Equipment Insulated Oil Kinematic Viscosity Tester

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Item: RUN-TP725

It is applicable to the determination of the kinematic viscosity of the transparent and opaque liquid petroleum products.
It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, oil field, railway, scientific research, measurement and other departments. The instrument has high test results with high accuracy, good repeatability and reproducibility, and simple and convenient operation.

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Petroleum Oil Kinematic Viscosity Testing Equipment

The working principle is to put the sample into the selected capillary viscometer, the capillary immersed in the constant temperature bath. The sample will be sucked into the calibration position. When the sample flows to the upper calibration position, the instrument will start recording time automatically.


Specification of this Kinematic Viscosity Tester

Temperature control precision ±0.01℃;
Temperature Range Room Temperature- 100℃
Instrument weight 28 Kg;
Ambient humidity ≤85%;
Operating Temperature 5℃-40℃;
Storage Temperature 0-50 ℃
Heating Power 1500W;
Heating Method Electric heating unit
Temperature control mode PID regulation
Liquid level detection Infrared photoelectric detection
Overall dimension 370×300×650mm;
Display 7-inch touch LCD;
Working power supply AC 220V 50Hz;
Resolution 0.01℃;
Viscosity Resolution 0.00001mm2/S

Features about the Density Kinematic Viscosity Index Tester

1.Easy Operation

2.Complete the kinematic viscosity test by One Press

3.16 Sets of preset parameters are available. Preset parameters are modifiable.

4.A and B dual-channel test, parameters can be set separately, and the test does not interfere with each other at the same time, saving time for multiple liquid measurement;

5.Infrared liquid level detection is not interfered by indoor light and light;

6.The position of liquid level detection can be adjusted and freely;

7.Modular design, high stability and reliability;

8.Automatically store 100 test results, and view or print them at any time

9.The testing process complies with the standard and the data is reliable, good repeatability.

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