Eco-Friendly Oil Transformer Trace Moisture Testing Machine with Factory Price

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Item: RUN-KFM01D

this instrument is able to work more reliably and conveniently by using the most advanced control circuit and 32 bit embedded microcontroller processor as the master control core and utilizing embedded mini operating system. Character with fast analyzing speed, simple operation, high precision and strong automatism, the trace moisture titrator has been widely used in the industry of petroleum, chemical, power, railway, pesticide, medicine and environmental protection.

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Dielectric Oil Water Content Determination/Karl Fischer Transformer Oil Moisture Tester


Technical parameters of this Karl Fischer Water Content Tester

a)Titration method:Coulometric titration(Coulomb analysis)

b)Display:Color LCD touch screen

c)Electrolytic current control:0~400mA automatic control

d)Measurement scope:1ug~200mg

e)Sensitive valve:0.1µg H2O


More than 1mg but not greater than 0.3%

g)Printer:Miniature thermal printer

h)Power supply:220V±10%、50Hz

i)Power:< 40W

j)Ambient temperature:5~40℃

k)Ambient humidity:≤ 85%

l)External dimension:340×295×155

m)Weight:About 5.5kg

Features about the Trace Moisture Tester

1.The 32-bit embedded microprocessor is used as the main control core to embed the mini operating system.

2.0-400ma automatic detection, high precision, fast measurement speed, stable and reliable.

3.the motherboard adopts high-quality SMT components with high integration, simple operation and long service life

4.contains 4 calculation formulas, and the measurement results are automatically converted to the required units and can be converted to each other.

5.color touch screen, full numeric keyboard, more concise operation, convenient and quick data calculation.

6.up to 1000 sets of data can be stored, and the name of the operator can be set for easy search. It is more humanized to bring the reagent failure prompt.

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