Circuit Breaker Switchgear Contact Loop Resistance Tester 100A

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The equipment is suitable for measuring loop resistance/contact resistance of switching control device.

It can directly measure the loop resistance under current of 100A with digital display and it can print the test result. 

The instrument has the characters of good accuracy, performance and stability. 

It can meet the requirements of power sector field and high-voltage switch factory to test loop resistance/contact resistance measuring.

Advantage:  has a Bluetooth connectivity module with mobile app for remote access to testing data & storage in the cloud for further analysis & record purposes.

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Ⅰ: General description about the contact resistance tester:

The equipment is suitable for measuring loop resistance/contact resistance of switching control device.It can directly measure the loop resistance under current of 100A with digital display 

and it can print the test result. The instrument has the characters of good accuracy, performance and stability. It can meet the requirements of power sector field and high-

voltage switch factory to test loop resistance/contact resistance measuring.

Advantage:  has a Bluetooth connectivity module with mobile app for remote access to testing data & storage in the cloud for further analysis & record purposes.


Next is the product video of the contact resistance tester: introduce the function and its advantage of the loop resistance tester:

Ⅱ: Technical parameters of the 100A loop resistance test kit:

Brand Name/Product Name Run Test  DC resistance tester
Display Type Digital Only
Measuring Range 0.01-2000 micro ohms
Testing Voltage 220V
Accuracy Class 0.2%
Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃
Dimensions 252mm×160mm×60mm
Name DC resistance tester
Max Frequency (50±1)Hz
ambient humidity ≤85%RH
Certificate ISO,ICE
Accuracy 0.2%
weight 2.0KG
SIZE 252*160*60mm
Feature self discharge and discharge alarm
Product type handheld
Standard accessory USB Line
100A Contact Resistance Tester Of Circuit Breaker
contact resistance tester price

Ⅲ: Features of the Circuit Breaker Contact Resistance Tester:

1. By downloading APP(Android), users can control instruments, store and upload test data for easy reference.
2. Multiple Protection function
3. Intelligent Power management technology, energy saving and heat reduction.
4. Higher Voltage outputs, wider measurement range.
5. Quick and automatic measurement due to high precision large constant current power supply.
6. To eliminate the influence of the test wire resistance on the test results by four-terminals wiring method.
7. 7’’ high brightness color LCD touchscreen, clear display even under strong light.
8. Internal data storage up to 1000 sets.
9. USB, RS232 or Bluetooth used for computer connection or data storage.
10. Built-in Micro-printer.

circuit breaker contact resistance measurement

Ⅳ: After sale service of RUN TEST electrci test equipment:

The test instrument will be repaired and replaced free of charge for product quality problems within one year from the date of purchase, and will provide lifetime warranty and technical services. If you find any abnormalities or malfunctions in the instrument, please contact the company in time to arrange the most convenient solution for you.

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