Automatic Distillation Range Testing Equipment

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Item: Run-DR01

It is suitable for natural gasoline (stabilized light hydrocarbon), motor gasoline, aviation gasoline, jet fuel, solvents with special boiling points, naphtha, kerosene, diesel, gas oil distillate fuel and similar petroleum products.

The petroleum distillation range tester is composed of a bath temperature automatic control system, a distillation range temperature automatic control system, a refrigeration system, an automatic liquid level automatic follow-up system, and a safety protection system.

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Specification of this Oil Distillation Range Tester

Power Supply AC220V ±10% 50Hz
Heating Power 1000W
Whole Machine Power Maximum 1600W
Cooling Power 0.5KW
Steam temperature measurement range 0~400℃
Electric furnace temperature measurement range 0~500℃
Refrigeration temperature measurement range 0~60℃
Refrigeration control accuracy ±2℃
Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.1℃
Volume accuracy ±0.1ml
Fire alarm system Nitrogen extinguishing
Applicable Standards ASTM D86, ASTM D850 and other standards
Ambient Temperature 10~35℃
Dimensions 720X500X670mm
Instrument Weight 80KG

Features about the Oil Distillation Range Apparatus

1.10.4 inch color touch screen, clear image and easy operation

2.Imported photoelectric tracker to ensure the accuracy of distillation volume determination

3.The temperature of the recovery chamber can be set to ensure measurement accuracy

4.Imported Dan Foss (Secop) compressor, fast and stable refrigeration

5.Automatic detection of local atmospheric pressure, automatic correction to the temperature under standard atmospheric pressure

6.Display temperature, volume and related curves during measurement

7.Can be set to stop the test according to the steam temperature or the recovery volume

8.Germany imported temperature sensor (PT100)

9.With manual nitrogen fire extinguishing function, to avoid safety accidents caused by the bursting of the distillation flask

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