All-in-One Automatic High Voltage Tdr Underground Cable Fault Locator

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TDR Cable fault pre-locator is used for measuring low resistance, short circuit, open circuit disconnection faults and high resistance leakage of power cables (high-frequency coaxial cables, local telephone cables, street light cables, buried wires) of various cross-sections and dielectric materials and high-resistance flashover faults, can automatically generate test reports.

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China Competitive Price Power Line Integrated Tdr Cable Fault Locator

Accurate and rapid detection of the primary insulation cable fault and sheath fault below 220kV, calibrate cable length; accurate detection of cable laying trend and depth. System components XHGG series flash cable fault tester, the core part of the whole unit, mainly for the coarse testing of insulation fault in the EHV cable.


Technical parameters of this cable fault tester

Pulse amplitude 400Vp-p
Pulse width Adaptive
Measuring distance >60 KM
Inaccuracy Absolute error: ±10m, relative error: ±1%
Display 12.1-inch all-in-one touch screen
System Windows, USB 3.0
Test cable length < 1 KM(short distance), <3 KM(medium distance), > 3KM( long distance)
Power supply Lithium battery 4 hours continuous working, AC power
Sampling rate 200MHz
Best resolution 0.5m
Measuring method Low voltage pulse method

Features about the Tdr Cable Fault Locator

1.Windows system

2.Touch screen operation

3.Intelligent cable management

4.Real-time report generation

5.Superposition analysis of 10 pulses and 10 flashover waves

6.Automatic analysis of the fault distance

7.Fully automatic continuous sampling, never miss any discharge waveform

8.Massive storage function of test waveform, the waveforms tested on site can be conveniently stored in the instrument in the specified order for recall and observation at any time

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