10A DC Resistance Tester for Transformer Winding Resistance Test Kit

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The DC resistance is the transformer’s semi-finished product, finished product test, installation, commissioning test, and electric part prevention test necessary test project, the transformer coil can effectively find the device welding, connecting parts loose, missing unit, disconnection, and other manufacturing default and other hidden danger occurred after operation.

Advantage: The test instrument can use the mobile phone to control the instrument through software.

Test range is wide, suitable for testing DC resistance of large and medium sized transformer.

Has bluetooth communication and print test results

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Parameters of Transformer DC resistance Tester

Item Parameter inaccuracy
Test current AUTO、<20mA、40mA、  
Range 0.5mΩ~0.8Ω (10A) ±(0.2%+2digit)
1mΩ-4Ω (5 A)
5mΩ-20Ω ( 1 A)
100mΩ-100Ω (200mA)
1Ω-500Ω (40mA)
100Ω-100KΩ (<20mA) ±(0.5%+2digit)
Best Resolution 0.1μΩ
Display 7-inch color LCD touch screen 4 effective digits Resistance display
Data Storage 1000 sets
Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃
Relative Humidity <90%RH,non-condensing
Power supply AC 220V±10V,50Hz±1 Hz Fuse 2A
Max Power 200W
Dimension 360*290*170(mm)
Weight Instrument box:6 KG   wire box:5 KG
Product name DC Resistance Tester
Best resolution 0.1μΩ
Accuracy ± (0.2%+2 digit)
Operating Temperature 0~40℃
Relative Humidity <90%RH,non-condensing
Dimension 360*290*170(mm)
Weight 6 KG

Usage for Resistance Testing Equipment- Transformer DC Winding Resistance Meter

Used for checking the welding quality of the winding joints and whether the windings have inter-turn short circuits, check whether the contact of each position of the voltage tap switch is in good condition, whether the actual position of the tap changer matches the indicated position, whether the lead wire is broken, and the multi-stranded wire is wound in parallel. Whether there is stock breakage, etc.


Main features for Transformer Resistance Testing Equipment

1. Download app (Android) to control instrument completely, upload test data for easy reference.

2. Max 24V output voltage which makes it convenient to choose a larger test current when the resistance value is high, improve the test speed.

3. 7"high resolution LCD touch screen, easy on-site operation. Good visibility under strong light.

4. New power supply technology with multiple current gears and a wide measurement range. The current can be automatically selected according to the load, which is suitable for DC resistance measurement of small and medium-sized transformers and voltage transformers.

5. Multiple protection functions such as back-EMF impact, interruption of the test process, power failure, power supply overheating, etc., which can reliably protect the instrument from back-EMF impact, and simultaneously sound an alarm.

6. With any temperature conversion function of copper and aluminum materials, touch input of any winding temperature and converted temperature

7. Internal data storage up to 1000 sets.

8. Bluetooth, RS232 port and USB Port for data storage and PC communication

9. Built-in high-speed micro printer

transformer dc resistance tester
winding resistance tester

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