100A Contact Resistance Meter Switch Loop Resistance Tester

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100A 200A high precision conductive special desk loop resistance tester contact resistance tester

The equipment is suitable for measuring loop resistance/contact resistance of switching control device.It can directly measure the loop resistance under current of 100A with digital display and it can print the test result. The instrument has the characters of good accuracy, performance and stability.

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Application of the loop resistance tester

 This contact resistance tester can meet the requirements of power sector field and high-voltage switch factory to test loop resistance/contact resistance measuring.

Here show you its video about the contact resistance tester, this item is cheaper one

Technical Parameters of the Contact (Circuit) Resistance Tester

Measuring Range

20A, 50A,100A,customized
Test Range 0~19999mW expandable
Test Precision 0.5%rdg±10dgt
Resolution 0.01mW
Working Power AC 220V±10% 50Hz±2%
Environment Temperature -25°C ~50°C
RH ≤90%RH
Length(mm) 450
Width(mm) 250
Height(mm) 220-280
Weight(Kg) 9.9-12.9

Features about the 100A Contact Resistance Tester


1.  800*480 high resolution color 7-inch touch screen, high-speed thermal printer.
2.  Large-range current output: Adopt the latest power supply technology, long time continuously output big current, large-range current output. Can set 1 to 3 different current range for testing, and automatically calculate average value.
3.  Digital displaying data information: Resistance, voltage, current, electrical resistivity,resistance values at converted standard temperatures.
4.  Auto-alarm of over limit: Set resistance up-limit value of pass / over limit / invalid, automatically generate testing status.
5.  Long-time testing: Can set test time from 0-9999s and support long-time working. Inside cold-wind heat dissipation, switch power automatically protection.
6.  High-precision measurement: Use Operational amplifiers from precision instruments and High precision quadruple integral A/Dconverter.
7.  Use High performance 32-bit latest ARM chips, System automatically switch magnification times based on signal, ensure testing precision.
8.  Inside Calendar & Clock: provide accurate time of testing and printing.
9.  DC constant current source function: Can output current from 0 to infinite value, built-in current step-by-step up-flow test, equal to another powerful DC constant current source for test.
10.  Large-volume testing record storage: Build-in large capacity storage for look up, also have data protection function while power shut down suddenly.
11.  Removable USB flash drive data access: Export excel file data record.
12.  Standard Modbus-RTU: Build-in RS232 port (customized convert to RS485), communication protocol Modbus-RTU.
13.  Computer control and upload test data: Build-in RS232 port for the data control, upload, generate word/excel file.
14.  Bluetooth control and upload data: Standard configuration Bluetooth function, build-in android BT APP for data control / upload / generate word file.
15.  Convenient cable operating: Cable control mode (customized), set cable control switch to regulate open / touch, test /interruption, light-alarm for resistance output over limit.
16.  Quick and convenient wireless remote controller: it is customized, with one button operation of testing and interruption, customized controller can show the test progress.
17.  Temperature offset automatically calculate resistance: Can preset temperature, automatically calculate resistance in standard temperature. Also use temperature sensor (customized) to measure.
18.  Background color change: Set background color to blue and graphic black, brightness, standby brightness and time.
19.  Build-in training material: Document shows the cable connecting method for onsite guidance.
20.  Big current cable quick connection: Use latest big current cable port, insert and turn lock up.
21.  Multiple-phase selection: Normal is single-phase, customized to be two-phase test and three-phase test simultaneous


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