Gas Chromatography Dissolved Gas Analyzer for Transformer Oil

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Oil chromatograph analyzer has solved the industrial production of intermediates and quality inspection of industrial products, scientific research, environmental testing, production control and other issues in these areas.

High-performance, multi-purpose laboratory analytical instrument

Note:There must be no corrosive gas and electric or magnetic fields that affect the normal operation of the instrument.

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Insulating Oil Gas Content Analyzer Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer

Transformer Oil Gas Chromatograph is an analysis of multi-component mixture separation and analysis technology. It mainly uses the difference in boiling point and polarity of sample and in the chromatographic column adsorption coefficient, so that the various components in chromatographic column can be separated and analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively.

Oil Gas Dissolved Tester

Parameters of the Gas Chromatograph Analyzer


a)Detection Limit: ≤5×10-12g/s (Cetane/Isooctane )

b)Baseline noise: ≤0.07PA

c)Baseline drift: ≤0.2PA/30min

d)Linear range: ≥1062.3


a)Sensitivity: S ≥ 10000mV•ml/mg (Benzene/Toluene) (1, 2, 3,4 times magnifying)

b)baseline noise: ≤ 20 μ V

c)baseline drift: ≤ 30 μ V/30min

d)linear range:≥104

1.Display: 8 inch color LCD Touchscreen, can be used as portable Controller

2.Temperature Control Area: 8 channels

3.Temperature Control Range: Above room temperature, 4℃~450℃

4.Increment: 1℃, Accuracy:±0.1℃ Programmed Temperature Rising Order: 16

5.Programmed Temperature Rising Rate: 0.1~60℃/min

6.External: 8 Channels, Auxiliary control output 2 channels

7.Sampler: packed column sampling, capillary sampling, six-port valve gas sampling, auto-sampler

8.Detector: Max. 3, FID(2), TCD(1) Sampling Start: Manual/Automatic Port: Ethernet, IEEE802.3

Features about the Automatic Oil Chromatographic Analyzer

1. Using the advanced technology of the 10/100M adaptive Ethernet communication interface, and a built-in IP protocol stack, so that the instrument can easily through the intranet, Internet to realize the long-distance data transmission; convenient laboratory erection, simplifies the laboratory configuration and convenient data management;

2. Built-in chromatography machine with low noise, high resolution of 24 bit AD circuit, and has the functions of storage, baseline deduction.

3. The instrument adopts modular structure design. The design is clear, convenient to replacement upgrade.

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