Factory directly sell embedded with intelligent operating system partial discharge tester

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It is suitable for partial discharge detection and online monitoring of transformers, generators, arresters, bushings, GIS, capacitors, power cables, switches and other high-voltage electrical equipment of various voltage levels and capacities.

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Multichannel digital tester suitable for partial discharge detection


Technical Parameter of this partial discharge tester

Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz
Power 300W
Test channel 4 isolated channels
Accuracy 12 bit
Capacity range 6pF ~250 μF
Temperature -10 ~ 45 ℃
Relative Humidity ≤ 95%, non-condensing
Testing rate 20 M/s
Sensitivity 0.1 pC

Specifications of this Multifunction Partial Discharge Tester

● Test channels: 4 isolated channels

● Sample’s capacity range: 6pF ~250 μ F

● Sensitivity: 0.1 pC

● Accuracy: 12 bit

● Sampling rate: 20 M/S

● Display mode:

a) Display: Ellipse-sine-straight line

b) Trigger synchronization method: internal: 50Hz, external: 50~400Hz

c) Signal phase determination: ellipse display is in polar coordinate mode, sine is displayed in sine wave mode, the starting point of the display graph is the zero point of the test power supply, and the length of the display graph is one cycle of the test power supply. The system is true and accurate in the external trigger synchronization mode Shows the cycle and phase of the test power supply.

d) Time window: The phase size can be selected arbitrarily, and the time window can be dynamically enlarged and displayed. The two time windows can be opened separately or at the same time.

e) Filtering frequency band: 3dB low-frequency end frequency L is divided into 10, 20, 40kHz gears, 3dB high-frequency end frequency fH is divided into 80, 200, 300kHz gears, and we can flexibly compose various filter passbands.

Signal amplifier
a) Gain adjustment: Gain coarse adjustment and gain fine adjustment, coarse gain adjustment is divided into 5 gears, the gain difference between gears is 20dB (10 times), the error is adjusted by ±1dB; the gain fine-tuning range>20dB

b) The asymmetry of the amplifier's positive and negative polarity response: <1dB.

c) Partial discharge signal measurement: The partial discharge signal can be measured in continuous, amplified and other display modes with an error of ±5% (in full scale).

d) Storage and playback functions, printing function, and generating standard test report

e) Operating temperature: -10 ~ 45 ℃

f) Relative Humidity: ≤ 95%, non-condensing

g) Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz

h) Power: 300 W

Feature of the Testing Instrument

1.No need to contact with live part of switchgear, safe and fast test.

2.No need power off during the test process, no need HV test power supply.

3.Effectively identify switchgear even under one test, and build its status database

4.With ultrasonic test function, also can be used for partial discharge test of SF6 ring main unit and cables.

5.Built-in ultrasonic and TEV sensor.

6.Embedded with intelligent operating system, easy to use.

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