Auto Extraction Method Transformer Oil Acid Value Tester

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Measure oil acid value of transformer and turbine.

Automatic Oil Acidity Test Kit is a fully automatic measuring instrument which uses extraction method to accurate detection of insulation oleic acid value. The instrument reduces operator contact sample and reagent, not only improve the efficiency and test accuracy, but also guarantee its safety.

Advantage: 1. Fully automatic detection, easy operation

2. A variety of international standard settings

SERVICE:  The instrument will be repaired and replaced free of charge for product quality problems within one year from the date of purchase, and will provide lifetime warranty and

technical services. If you find any abnormalities or malfunctions in the instrument, please contact the company in time to arrange the most convenient solution for you.

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Fully Automatic Transformer Oil Acid Tester

Steps for Testing: Just put the samples into the sample cup, put the sample cup into the sample cup hole, the instrument will automatically search samples, extract injection and blank titration, determination, discharge waste liquor, automatic cleaning shutdown, the print results and so on. The equipment startup can be measured in 1-3 samples, which is convenient operation and high efficiency.

Technical Parameter of the Oil Acidity Test Kit:

Acid Value Measurement range

0.002~1mg KOH/g

Indication Repeatability


Best Resolution

0.001 mg KOH/g


Acid Value: 0.001~0.100 mgKOH/g, accuracy: ± 0.003 mgKOH/g

Acid Value: 0. 100~0.400 mgKOH/g, accuracy: indication value 5%

Power voltage

AC220V±10%, 50Hz±5Hz


50 W

Operating Temperature

10~40° C

Relative Humidity

≤85% RH



Features of the Oil Acid Value Tester:

1.  Six-cup integrated design.
2.  Automatically complete operations such as extraction agent addition, neutralization titration and end point discrimination, acid value calculation, data storage and print output.
3.  Automatic compound extraction liquid and neutralization liquid.
4.  Average testing period is 2 minutes.
5.  6-inch LCD touch screen.
6.  Power-off storage function, data storage up to 100 sets.
7.  Standard acid automatic calibration function, which eliminates system errors to the maximum extent, and ensures the accuracy of measurement results Built-in micro printer, both online and offline print function available.
8.  Large-capacity and high-efficiency carbon dioxide and water purification system to ensure the stability of the concentration of the neutralization solution Technical Parameter.
9.  Simple design, small size, easy operation.
10.  USB port to connection with PC.

Oil Acid Value Test
Transformer Oil Acid Tester
Insulating Oil Acid Value Tester
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